Travel Forms

Travel Funding Requirements:

Travel Authorization Requests (TARs) MUST be approved before any travel purchases can be made. Please submit a Travel Funding Request to the Department so a TAR can be created. 

PIR Travel Funding Request Form



Travel funds provided by the department are available for graduate teaching instrutors who are teaching online courses for PIR.


♦  To present a research paper at a professional conference/meeting
♦  To support travel to research sites
♦  To interview for academic positions

♦  Complete the application form.
♦  Provide a copy of current, unofficial FIU transcript.
♦  Provide a copy of the approved Travel Authorization Request Form (TAR).
♦  Provide documentation on the purpose of travel (e.g., conference acceptance, plans to visit a
    research site, invitation to interview for an academic position, etc.).
♦  Obtain signature from the Graduate Program Director.
♦  Submit complete packet to at least 2 weeks prior to travel.

Up to $300

At least 2 weeks prior to travel.

♦  Green School graduate students can be awarded up to $300 each fiscal year (July 1 ‐ June
30) if they meet the eligibility criteria.
♦  No more than 60 awards will be made across the Green School each fiscal year. If the total
cap is reached, no more awards applications will be considered regardless of eligibility.
♦  All travel requires an approved Travel Authorization and must meet all applicable University
and Green School travel policies and guidelines. Graduate students should contact their
department’s office manager, graduate staff, or travel liaison, regarding travel procedures
and guidelines.
♦  Incomplete applications, or applications submitted less than 2 weeks before travel, will
not be accepted/considered. No exceptions.

SIPA Travel Funding Request Form



To apply for GPSC travel funds, please click on the link below.

GPSC Travel Funding Information