Joint Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications: Latin American Certification

The Joint Graduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications: Latin American Certification is an 18-hour program with two required courses each from ICAP and International Relations, plus several electives from both areas. The objective of this graduate level certificate program is to prepare working communications professionals with the skills necessary to develop and implement communications programs in Latin America. It is also appropriate to provide international relations professionals who have gained communications responsibilities with a broad overview of the basic concepts and tasks of mass communications.

Required Courses – ICAP Program

  • PUR 6806 Integrated Communication: Account Planning (3)
    • (Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor)
  • PUR 6607 Advertising and Public Relations Management (3)
    • (Prerequisite: PUR 6806)

Elective Courses – ICAP Program

  • MMC 6402 Theories of Mass Communication (3)
    • (Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor)
  • PUR 6935 Advanced Integrated Communications Seminar (3)
    • (Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor)

Required Courses – International Relations

  • INR 6107 U.S. Foreign Policy: Processes and Institutions (3)
  • INR 6609 Dynamics of International Relations in the 20th Century (3)

Elective Courses – International Relations

  • INR 4031 The Media and International Relations (3)
  • INR 6089 International Relations and Human Rights (3)
  • INR 6209 Comparative Foreign Policy of Latin America (3)
  • INR 6604 International Relations Theory I (3)

INR 6606 Political Psychology of International Relations (3)Current selections from the Latin American and Caribbean Center as offered.