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International Relations Ph. D. Placements


Academic Placement


Kevin Grant: Ph.D. 2021, Senior Instructor, College of Business at Eastern Oregon University, 2021-- Present

Cliff (Ubba) Kodero: Ph.D. 2021, Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Idaho, 2021 -- Present

Tamanisha John: Ph.D. 2021, Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University, 2021 -- Present

Dr. Nicolás Terradas: Ph.D. 2019, Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2021 -- Present

Yang Gyu Kim: Ph.D. 2019, Visiting Scholar at the Saltzman Institute, Columbia University, 2020 -- Present

Jessy Abouarab: Ph. D. 2019, Visiting Assistant Professor, Florida International University, 2019 -- Present

B. Bryan Barber: Ph.D. 2019, Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University, 2019 -- Present

Bibek Chand: Ph.D. 2018, Assistant Professor, Political Science & International Affairs, University of North Georgia, 2019 -- Present

Zenel Garcia: Ph.D. 2018, Associate Professor, Army War College, 2021 -- Present

Thomas Just: Ph. D. 2017, Lecturer, Masters of Global Security, Research Fellow, Center on the Future of War, Arizona State University, 2019 -- Present

Ana Paula Podcameni: Ph. D. 2017, Invited Professor, Security Studies, Ibmec

Yuanyuan Fang: Ph. D. 2017, Postdoctoral Researcher, International Relations Department,Tsinghua University,China 2018 -- Present

Serena Cruz: Ph. D. 2015, Head of Research & Academics, Global Surgery Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC), 2021 -- Present

Seyed Hamid Serri: Ph. D. 2015, Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia, 2016 -- Present

Ozum Yesiltas: Ph. D. 2014, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2017 -- Present

Angela Gapa: Ph. D. 2013, Assistant Professor, California State University-Chico, 2017 -- Present

Isa Afacan: Ph. D. 2011, Assistant Professor, Zirve University, 2011 -- Present

Amy Ritterbusch: Ph. D. 2011, Assistant Professor, University of California,Los Angeles, 2018 -- Present

Mita Saksena Ph. D. 2011, Adjunct Professor, Western Connecticut State University

Richard Gioioso: Ph. D. 2010, Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s University, 2013 -- Present

Rita Sabat: Ph. D. 2010, Assistant Professor, Notre Dame University - Beirut (Deceased)

Mustafa Sahin: Ph. D. 2010, Lecturer, Georgia Tech, 2018 -- Present

Diana Ter-Ghazaryan: Ph. D. 2010, Director of Geospatial Technology Program, University of Miami, 2012 -- Present

Jason Weidner: Ph. D. 2010, Professor, Monterrey University

Christopher Brown: Ph. D. 2009, Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University, 2018 -- Present

Robert Ceresa: Ph. D. 2009, Assistant Professor, Houston-Tillotson University, 2013 -- Present

Zuzana Hlavacova Gurung: Ph. D. 2009, Director of MS Programs, University of Minnesota

Raju Parakkal: Ph. D. 2009, Associate Professor, Philadelphia University

Marvin Astrada: Ph. D. 2008, Part-Time Lecturer, New York University

Ellie Schemenauer: Ph. D. 2006, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Arghyris Arghyrou : Ph. D. 2004, Montverde Academy

Aart Holtslag: Ph. D. 2004, Director of Global Studies, Shepherd University

Laura Zanotti: Ph. D. 2004, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, 2006 -- Present

Pablo Toral: Ph. D. 2003, Associate Professor and Chair, Beloit College, 2003 -- Present

Michael Collier: Ph. D. 2000, Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University

Professional Placement and Post Doctoral


Michael Bender: Ph. D. 2016, Intelligence Analyst, Center for Security Policy, 2017 -- Present

Jan Solomon: Ph. D. 2013, President of Solomon International Solutions, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2006 -- Present

Seyed Amir Mirtaheri: Ph. D. 2012, Legal Counsel at Export Development Canada, 2016 -- Present

Astrid Hurley: Ph. D. 2011, Social Affairs Specialist at United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2014 -- Present

Alla Mirzoyan:: Ph.D. 2009, Director of Training and Fellowships, Florida International University,2013 -- Present

Lisa Samuel: Ph. D. 2009, Academic Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, New York University, 2016 -- Present

Laura Boudon: Ph. D. 2000, Director of Studies Abroad at Georgia State University, 2020 -- Present

Bertin Kouadio: Ph. D. 2000, Foreign Ministry of Cote d'Ivoire (formerly, Wilson College, PA, 2010-2013)

George Zhao: Ph. D. 1997, Registered Foreign Lawyer at King & Wood Mallesons


Political Science Ph. D. Placements


Academic Placement


Nevena Trajkov: Ph.D. Pending, Assistant Professor, Jacksonville University, Spring 2022

Bryant William Sculos: Ph.D. 2017, Lecturer, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2021 — Present

Orcun Selcuk: Ph.D. 2019, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, Luther College, Fall 2019

Maria Gabryszewska: Ph. D. 2018, Professor, Lone Star College-CyFair, 2018 -- Present

Zachary A. Karazsia, Ph. D. 2018, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Valdosta State University, Fall 2020 - present

Fiacre Bienvenu: Ph.D. 2018, Walter D. Foss Visiting Assistant Professor, Wooster College, 2019 -- Present

Dimmy Herard: Ph. D. 2016, American Politics Teacher, Pine Crest School

Mirsad Krijestorac: Ph. D. 2016, Assistant Professor, Broward College, 2017 -- Present

Joaquin Pedroso: Ph. D. 2016, Instructor, Florida International University, 2016 -- Present

Luca Zini: Ph. D. 2015, Lecturer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami Coral Park Senior High School, 2002 -- Present

Murat Altuglu: Ph. D. 2014, Assistant Professor, Murat Hüdavendigar University

Bilal Ciplak: Ph. D. 2014, Assistant Professor and Founding Director of Middle East Research and Implementation Center, Hasan Kalyoncu University

George Nelson Bass III: Ph. D. 2012, Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University, 2011 -- Present

Manuel DeLeon: Ph. D. 2011, Assistant Professor, Bethune-Cookman University

Engin Erdem: Ph. D. 2011, Assistant Professor, Abant Izzet Baysal University

Leah Blumenfeld: Ph. D. 2010, Assistant Professor, Barry University, 2010 -- Present

Douglas Rivero: Ph. D. 2009, Associate Professor and Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences, St. Petersburg College

Jason Berggren: Ph. D. 2007, Associate Professor, Georgia Southwestern State University

Kathryn DePalo: Ph. D. 2006, Senior Instructor, Florida International University, 2006 -- Present

Giselle Jamison: Ph. D. 2005, Associate Professor, St. Thomas University

Luis Orjuela: Ph. D. 2004, Associate Professor, Universidad de Los Andes

Sean Foreman: Ph. D. 2003, Professor, Barry University, 2005 -- Present

Professional and Post Doctoral Placement


Guy Metayer: Ph. D. 2012, Ambassador of Haiti to Argentina

Aline Machado: Ph. D. 2011, Editor in Chief at TV Camara in Brazil, 1998 -- Present

Gabriela Hoberman: Ph. D. 2010, Assistant Director, Extreme Events Institute at FIU, 2013 -- Present

Mariano Beillard: Ph. D. 2009, Foreign Service Officer at U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2003 -- Present

Maria Ilcheva: Ph. D. 2009, Senior Researcher at The FIU Metropolitan Center, 2009 -- Present

Gaye Gungor: Ph. D. 2008, Research Affiliate at Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg, 2017 -- Present

Gönül Tol: Ph. D. 2008, Founding Director of The Middle East Institute’s Center for Turkish Studies

Carolina Valencia: Ph. D. 2007, Research Director at Gartner for HR Leaders, 2017 -- Present

Giselle Jamison: Ph. D. 2005, Program Director of Political Science at St. Thomas University

Betilde Munoz: Ph. D. 2005, Director of The Department of Social Inclusion at Organization of the American States, 2015 -- Present