Political Science

The Department of Politics & International Relations provides students with a broad education in political science at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that will equip them to adapt to a wide variety of careers.

Undergraduate Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to encourage the analysis of theories, institutions, and processes of political systems in the context provided by the social sciences; to stimulate a grasp of the broad sweep of political science as a discipline; to develop a continuing and responsible interest in political activity and public affairs; to provide the opportunity to acquire a fundamental understanding of political science as a basis for citizenship, a career in government, or professional study and service; and to stimulate the qualified student’s interest in graduate study in political science. The curriculum is designed to expose students to the various areas of Political Science but also to allow for some specialization. Students are encouraged to create a blend of courses that fits their interests. Students should work with the undergraduate advisor in selecting courses.

Graduate Degrees

The Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science are designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the discipline. The department’s graduate program builds on faculty strengths and distinguishes itself by stressing a comparative approach to the study of politics. The program is designed to equip its graduates with a solid foundation in the basic theories and methods of political science in conjunction with an in-depth education in selected traditional subfields. The program has a particular focus on comparative politics and American politics.

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