Major and Master in Political Science "4+1" Program

The Department offers a combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Political Science, the "4+1" program.

Admission Requirements

  • Political Science majors who have completed 75 credits but no more than 90 credits are eligible to apply to this program.
  • Students must have been admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences and must have satisfied the CLAS requirement.
  • A 3.5 GPA overall in college work, and a 3.75 GPA in Political Science courses taken at FIU are required.Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which must be from FIU Political Science faculty, are required.
  • Students must meet admissions requirements for the MA in Political Science.
  • Finally, a favorable decision into the 4+1 program by the Political Science graduate committee is required.
  • Students will be awarded the B.A. degree upon completion of the B.A. requirements, prior to completing the requirements for the M.A. degree.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application form (available here) before starting the last 30 credits of their Bachelor's degree program in Political Science.

Common Prerequisites (2 courses/6 credits)

The common prerequisites are required introductory courses for the undergraduate major and should be among the first Political Science courses taken.

Two Common Prerequisite courses are required:

  • POS 2041 American Government (or its equivalent) must be completed by all majors.
  • CPO 2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics, OR INR 2001 Introduction to International Relations must be completed by all majors. Some transfer students will have already taken these or equivalent courses at other institutions, and should not repeat them at FIU. Students with questions about course equivalencies should contact the Political Science undergraduate advisor.

Breadth Requirement (5 courses/15 credits)

The Breadth Requirement is intended to expose majors to each of the five major sub-fields of Political Science. Complete one course in each of the following five breadth areas (may be completed in any order).

  • American Politics (AP) – Choose one of five:
    • POS 3064 Federalism
    • POS 3152 Urban Politics
    • POS 3413 The Presidency
    • POS 3424 Legislative Process
    • POS 3443 Political Parties
  • Judicial Politics (JP) – Choose one of three:
    • POS 3283 Judicial Process
    • POS 3603 Constitutional Law: Powers
    • POS 3604 Constitutional Law: Limits
  • Comparative Politics (CP) – Choose one of eight:
    • CPO 3010 Com. Pol.: Theory and Practice
    • CPO 3055 Authoritarian Politics
    • CPO 3103 Politics of Western Europe
    • CPO 3502 Politics of the Far East
    • CPO 3204 African Politics
    • CPO 3304 Latin American Politics
    • CPO 3403 Politics of the Middle East
    • CPO 3643 Russian Politics
  • International Politics (IP)
    • INR 3102 American Foreign Policy
  • Political Theory (PT) – Choose one of five:
    • POT 3013 Anc. & Med. Pol. Th.
    • POT 3054 Modern Political Theory
    • POT 3064 Contemporary Political Theory
    • POT 3204 American Political Thought
    • POT 3302 Political Ideologies

Political Science Graduate/Undergraduate Electives Requirement (5 courses/15 credits)

Students in the 4+1 program will take five 3-credit Political Science courses to satisfy this requirement. Three of these courses (9 credit hours) must be 5000-level graduate courses. The other two courses must be 3000 or 4000-level Political Science classes. Students must be advised by the departmental Graduate Program Director before enrolling in these 5000-level courses.

The 9 hours of graduate credit taken to satisfy the undergraduate Political Science major requirement will also count as 9 credit hours toward the 30 hours of graduate courses required for the M.A. degree.