Pi Sigma Alpha


Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science Honor Society. FIU's chapter, Tau Rho, was founded in 1994. It provides dedicated political science graduate students with a forum to have their voices heard within the department and nationally. Pi Sigma Alpha gives members a chance to participate in and plan lectures, debates, and national essay contests.

In addition, Pi Sigma Alpha is an excellent way for students who excel academically to meet with peers, professors, and staff of the Political Science department. We give Political Science honor students a voice at Florida International University.

Admission Requirements:

• Completed at least 60 credits

• Completed at least 5 Political Science Courses (POS, POT, CPO, INR)

• Earned an overall GPA of 3.3 or above

• Earned a GPA of 3.5 or above in your Political Science classes (POS, POT, CPO, INR)

• To obtain an application, please download the form below, or stop by the Department of Politics and International Relations at SIPA 427. You can also email Dr. Joaquin A. Pedroso at jpedroso@fiu.edu .

Dr. Pedroso is the Faculty Advisor. Please contact him at jpedroso@fiu.edu .

Visit the Chapter Website.

Visit the National Website.

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