How to Apply

This page contains basic information about the application process for admission to the following graduate programs (and for joint programs associated with these graduate programs):

To apply for admission, students must:

  1. Apply for graduate admission to Florida International University
  2. Complete and submit an application to the Department of Politics and International Relations (see instructions below).

Please see the PIR Graduate Catalog for more information on each program. For assistance with the application, please call Erika Posada at 305-348-1077.

General Application Information

Please consult carefully the admissions requirements for the program to which you wish to apply (follow the links above). You may apply to only one program at a time. Please note, however, that the Department's graduate admissions committees may, at their discretion, recommend admission to the relevant MA program for PhD applications that show potential but that do not meet the requirements for direct admission into the PhD program.

The admissions committees may make an exception to the minimum requirements if persuaded that a particular case warrants doing so. Even in such cases, however, applicants must submit all required information (including GRE test scores and college or graduate transcripts) before their file will be considered complete. The department cannot act on incomplete files.

A background in the social sciences is desirable but not required for admission to the Department's graduate programs. Prospective students with little or no relevant background may wish to enroll in some of the Department's undergraduate and graduate courses before applying for admission. Please note that although undergraduate courses may provide a desirable background for the pursuit of graduate International Relations degree, they cannot be counted toward fulfillment of graduate program course requirements.

A maximum of 12 graduate level credit hours earned at FIU as a non-degree-seeking student may be counted toward a graduate degree provided they were earned within the six years preceding admission to the degree program. Credits earned in undergraduate courses are not transferable.

Application Deadline

The following table shows the admissions deadlines for graduate programs in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Please note that these deadlines are earlier than the FIU Graduate School's deadlines.

To matriculate in the following programs, please view the corresponding deadlines.

Program Fall Semester Spring Semester
MA International Studies March 15* Sept. 1
MA Political Science March 15* N/A
PhD International Relations Jan. 15* N/A
PhD Political Science Jan. 15* N/A

Applicants to the PhD in International Relations who wish to be considered for financial assistance in the form of a teaching assistantship must meet the Jan. 15 application deadline.

Application Instructions

Complete the items below online or, in the case of official scores and transcripts, have them sent to the Graduate Admissions Office, Florida International University, University Park, Miami, Florida 33199.

  1. FIU application form
  2. Non-refundable application fee (currently $30.00, payable online)
  3. Official transcripts of all university coursework
  4. Official copy of the GRE scores
  5. Official copy of the TOEFL (if applicable)

Send the following items directly to the Graduate Program, Department of Politics and International Relations, Florida International University, 11200 SW 8th Street, SIPA 436, Miami, Florida 33199. Please specify the program to which you are applying.

  1. Copies of the above documents
  2. Letters of recommendation (2 if MA applicant, 3 if PhD applicant) from university teachers who have knowledge of the applicant's academic qualifications (use the online recommendation form and request that letter writers use their own professional letterhead).
  3. A personal statement, 2 to 3 pages double-spaced in length, explaining research interests and rationale for pursuing a graduate degree.
  4. For the MA in International Studies and the PhD in International Relations, the International Relations Department supplemental application form.

The University Office of Admissions formally notifies applicants once the Admissions Committee has acted and the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has approved. The Graduate Director or Secretary may contact applicants informally about the status of their applications. Once admitted, applicants may defer matriculation, by written request to the Graduate Director, for no more than one year. Financial assistance cannot be deferred.