Undergraduate Advising

The Department of Politics and International Relations maintains a Political Science Undergraduate Advisor available to answer student questions regarding degree requirements, transfer credit, and graduation. All new majors and minors should make an appointment to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor in advance of their enrollment in the program. Prior to registering for their final semester of courses, graduating seniors should absolutely meet with the Political Science Undergraduate Advisor for a graduation check to review their records. Appointments for undergraduate advising are available through the department secretary. In addition, all Political Science faculty are willing to meet with students to discuss their academic work, the prospects of graduate studies, and career planning.

Upper Division Transfer Credit

Students will generally receive transfer credit for junior and senior level courses in Political Science with a grade of ā€˜Cā€™ or higher. While a student may transfer up to 30 credits of upper division work, the department will only accept 15 credits towards the Political Science curriculum. All decisions to recognize transfer credit rest with the department undergraduate advisor or chairperson.