Minor in International Relations

A student majoring in another academic discipline earns a Minor in International Relations by successfully completing approved course work of 18 semester hours in the Department of Politics and International Relations with a grade of ā€˜Cā€™ or better.

This program must include:

  1. INR 2001 Introduction to International Relations
  2. One "outside INR major" course to be taken from among:
    • GEA 2000 World Regional Geography
    • CPO 2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • REL 3308 Studies in World Religion
    • SYP 3456 Societies of the World
    • ECS 3003 Comparative Economic Systems
    • WOH 2001 World Civilization
    • EVR 1017 Global Environment & Society
  3. A second "outside INR major" course to be taken from the same list
  4. One Group 1 course with an INR prefix
  5. One Group 2 course with an INR prefix
  6. Either of the following:
    • INR 4013 Development of IR Thought
    • INR 4603 Theories of International Relations